Intuition: the act or faculty of knowing or sensing without use of rational process

I definitely quilt by intuition. Even predicting what inspires me is not a “rational process.” I don’t find a pattern and go from there. Most often my quilts evolve from an idea, an inspiration, playing in my scrap bin or a combination of all three.

The quilt I submitted for my modern group’s annual quilt show, Stitch Modern, is a case in point.

I was inspired by a pile of scraps leftover from another quilt and thought they would look great as shoo fly blocks. Making those tiny 3 1/2″ blocks was the easy part.

Not trusting that the first background I chose – a shirting – was the right one, I auditioned a few others. Oh, never mind! I settled on the shirting despite the fact it was a cotton/poly blend!

The project kept growing as my quilting intuition – some might call them “voices”- kept urging me to make more.

A little four-patch was just hanging out on the design wall close to the shoo fly blocks and quietly “suggested” it should be incorporated into the piece and so it was.

I set the blocks in vertical rows with a small strip of background between each row and a narrow (1/4″) strip of color at the edge of the final rows of blocks.

Assuming I was in charge of making the quilt I proceeded to machine quilt the piece with my original idea – unevenly spaced straight line quilting. I thought the gaps between the quilting might add texture and visual interest.



The quilt begged to differ and insisted I fill in the spaces with big stitching. I relinquished all control and started stitching.

The quilt finished at 27″ x 34.” I would love to take credit for the quilt, but alas, I was just the vessel – I did what I was told.

The moral of this story is: If your quilt says, “Jump!” You ask, “How high?”

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt before I submitted it for Stitch Modern but you can see it in person at the Piedmont Center for the Arts, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, April 3-April 25, from 12-3pm. The opening reception is Friday, April 7, at 7pm.

Linking up with crazy mom quilts for finish it up Friday.





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